Calciovet oral
Dietary supplement feed in oral gel

Composition per bottle:
Calcium chloride dehydrate 203 g
(equivalent to 55 g of calcium)
Magnesium chloride hexahydrate 8 g
(Equivalent to 1 g of magnesium)
Excipient q.s. 400 ml

DESCRIPTION: Milk fever (puerperal paresis - puerperal fever) is, without doubt the more frequent metabolic unset in dairy cow production; it is an acute hypocalcaemia crisis as a consequence of an endocrine malfunction, caused by birth stressful circumstances.
CALCIOVET ORAL contributes to restore the calcium and magnesium ion contents in blood.

INDICATIONS: Dietary supplement feedstuffs to reduce the risk of milk fever.


ADMINISTRATION ROUTE: Oral administration.

POSOLOGY: One bottle before and after calving.

WITHDRAWAL PERIOD: Not applicable.

SHELF-LIFE: 3 years, from production date.

COMMERCIAL PRESENTATION: 12 monodose flasks of 400 ml each.