Tabernil total
Oral solution
Vitamin and amino acid supplement

Vitamins, provitamins and chemically defined substances of analogue effects:
Vitamin A (E672) 420,000 I.U.
Vitamin D3 (E671) 66,000 I.U.
Vitamin E (α-tocopherol acetate) 193 mg
Vitamin B1 HCL 75 mg
Vitamin B2 sodium phosphate 55 mg
Vitamin B6 HCL 65 mg
Nicotinamide 80 mg
Pantothenic acid (D-panthenol) 70 mg
Vitamin C 400 g
Vitamin K3 6 mg
Choline chloride 1060 mg

Amino acids, salts and analogues:
DL-methionine 400 mg
Antioxidants: E310 and E320.
Aqueous excipient q.s. 100 ml

During periods of rearing and growth. To enhance the bird's general health and during and after any infectious or parasitic disease. To improve egg-laying, fertility and incubation. To prepare birds before and during breeding. During moulting periods (both physiological and abnormal moulting). After long treatments with sulphonamides and antibiotics.

TARGET SPECIES: Canaries and ornamental birds in general (parakeets, goldfinches, doves, etc.).

Oral route.
Add 5 ml/litre of drinking water, equivalent to 8 drops per 40 ml of water or 20 ml/500 g of breeding paste or cake, equivalent to 16 drops/10 g of breeding paste or cake, during 5 consecutive days, twice a month. The normal quantity for a canary or parakeet is 1 to 2 drops of TABERNIL TOTAL daily and for parrots 6 to 10 drops/day. During periods of high demand, such as: stress, preparation of breeders, during infectious or parasitic processes, etc., double the aforementioned dose.
Prepare treated water daily.

Commercial presentation: 20 ml and 100 ml bottles.