Tabernil pomada
Epithelial regenerator

Precipitated sulphur
Vitamin A
Contains a-bisabolol.

TABERNIL POMADA is an ointment that combines a series of therapeutic actions, each deriving from its different components and which are aimed both to resolve cutaneous lesions of the cornea layer, such as, crusts, scales and calluses, complementary to the possible specific treatment when there is a defined cause. The precipitated sulphur has a keratolytic action, destroying the cell detritus and the keratin layer enabling the cure, together with the collaboration in the epithelial regeneration of vitamin A. In a similar way, the urea, with keratolytic and hydrating properties, helps in the resolution of the processes that involve cutaneous dehydration.

Helps to solve cutaneous lesions in the legs, such as crusts, scales and calluses, complementing the specific treatment if necessary. Its use enables to maintain in the best conditions the areas of the skin without feathers.

TARGET SPECIES: Canaries and ornamental birds in general (parakeets, goldfinches ...).

External use.
TABERNIL POMADA should be applied directly onto the affected area, rubbing it sufficiently to gradually soften and displace crusts, if any. On the legs apply rubbing softly with the finger tips.
Frequency of use: Application should be carried out on alternate days for the first week, two days on the second week and one day a week during the following two to three weeks.

None have been described.

Commercial presentation: Tube of 9.25 g in individual package.