Alvendavet 10%
Oral suspension

Albendazole 100 mg
Excipient q.s. 1 ml

DESCRIPTION: Antihelminthic of the benzimidazole family. It alters the capacity of the helmints to obtain nutrients, acting on the energetic metabolism, inhibiting the fumarate-reductase enzyme that reduces glycogen, causing the parasite's death by inanition.

INDICATIONS: Treatment of gastrointestinal and pulmonary nematodiasis produced by nematodes sensitive to Albendazole, in adults as well as in larval and egg forms. Treatment of Taenias infestation produced by Moniezia spp. Treatment of distomatosis. It is not recommended to treat acute fascioliasis caused by immature forms.


ADMINISTRATION ROUTE: Oral administration, with dosing syringe.

Nematodes and tapeworms (adult and larval forms): 0.75 ml of ALBENDAVET 10%/10 kg b.w.; as a single dose.
Fasciola hepatica (adult forms): 1 ml of ALBENDAVET 10%/10 kg b.w.; as a single dose.

WITHDRAWAL PERIOD: Meat: 14 days. Milk: 4 days

SHELF-LIFE: Commercial product: 3 years, from production date.

COMMERCIAL PRESENTATION: 1 and 5 litre flasks.

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