Participation in Sudan Poultry Expo

Last February we were at Sudan Poultry Expo accompanying our distributor in Sudan. The event took place in the framework of the International Fair of Khartoum from February 20th to 23th.

Sudan Poultry Expo focuses on the development of the poultry industry in the region of Sudan, an area in which there has been a high rate of growth of this sector in recent years.

The event, programmed to show the latest technologies and products in the poultry industry, counted with the participation of poultry professionals from all over the world, who were able to discuss the challenges and development opportunities of the poultry value chain in the country, to provide financing and sponsorship opportunities for the development of the sector.

The visit of Divasa-Farmavic to Sudan allowed us to know closely the trends and needs of the market as well as to offer technical and marketing support. In addition, we took the opportunity to hold several meetings with some of the most important farm owners in the country.
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