Tabernil cria
Breeding complement
Oral powder

Milk and dairy products, oils and fats.
Additives (composition per g):
Vitamin A 1,000 IU
Vitamin B1 0.5 mg
Vitamin B6 0.05 mg
Vitamin B12 16 mcg
VitaminC 15 mg
Vitamin E 40 mg
With EC antioxidants.

TABERNIL CRIA, its composition with natural products, enables to maintain the animals in the best possible conditions, providing them with natural resistance against critic situations that appear in breeding periods and that specially affect newborn chicks, situations that establish in the digestive system developing diarrhoea problems. The product is completed with vitamins A, B, C and E.

Complementary feed developed to improve the general state of the birds during all their life and especially during the breeding period, in newborn chicks, where they are especially susceptible to intestinal disequilibrium that can cause diarrhoea symptoms.

TARGET SPECIES: Ornamental birds in general (canaries, parakeets, goldfinches, doves, pigeons....)

During the first days of life: Add 5 - 10 g of TABERNIL CRIA for every kg of chick paste, or in its defect the feed that is usually given during this period, during the first 15-20 days of life of the chicks.
Adult birds: Add 5 - 10 g of TABERNIL CRIA for every litre of drinking water, for 5-6 consecutive days.
The product must be given daily, either in the chick paste, the feed or the water.

No contraindications, incompatibilities, or secondary effects have been described. Small variations in the intensity of the colour or the density, do not affect in any way the properties of the product

Commercial presentation: Boxes with 10 sachets of 10 g each.