In terms of Research and Development, DIVASA-FARMAVIC, S.A. DFV® Group has focused from the very beginning, in the challenge of setting up human, technical and financial resources, at the highest level, allowing projects increasingly more ambitious and concentrating efforts in innovative products. DFV® Group aims its R&D programs in the different activity areas, focusing the work on:
Development of pharmaceutical preparations and formulations:
Focusing on the development of pharmaceutical preparations in order to achieve an adequate clinical use of the different active ingredients. The objective of the development is to achieve formulations with optimal efficacy, security and quality, being always a step ahead in the capabilities of the final medicine with respect to those existing in the market. For this reason,  medicines, both for production animals and for pets, offer an added confidence to veterinarians. DFV® Group has developed by totally innovated techniques, several patented oral formulations, which have allowed to obtain water-soluble oral solution final products clearly differentiated from the competitors, with significant improvement in the stability of the final product and once dissolved in all type of waters, also result in clear improvements in the efficacy, safety and the quality of the product.
Biotechnological research and development:
Focused on the research of immunoreactive proteins, DFV® Group has developed RESEARCH programs supported by prestigious Universities, in order to obtain proteins and its subsequent implementation in the veterinary diagnosis field. The result is the launch in the market of a range of immunochromatographic diagnostic tests (in clinic test) with new releases in the near future.
Development in the area of veterinary instruments:
Through the joint work of veterinarians and engineers our efforts are focused on the development of instruments adapted to the in-field uses for clinical veterinarians, obtaining reliable, precise, long lasting and easy to use products. The end result is a range of exclusive DFV® Group products of high recognition in all markets. These innovative development processes for the search of new products position DFV® Group amongst one of the leading companies in improvement, efficiency and quality of these products, allowing DFV® Group to outstand in the technical improvement, the development and the innovation, in a sector with interesting growths.

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